A homeowner hires a contractor to remodel their kitchen. After they hand over a check for supplies and materials, work begins. The contractor asks for more money but one day leaves the job. The homeowner tries to contact the contractor but again and again fails, the contractor has disappeared leaving the job incomplete, incorrect and unsafe. The homeowner has lost thousands of dollars and then finds out the so called contractor isn’t licensed with the state. It’s a story that you have no doubt heard many times on the news. So why is a license so important?

When a general contractor is licensed it means they have earned a trade license as required by their state and local laws. They have put in the time required to pass competency tests about business practices, safety measures, and trade skills. They are also required to provide proof of insurance, which protects you, your family, and home from bodily injury and property damage that could potentially happen during a project.


 A general contractor will serve as a single point of contact and manages all the aspects of your project. This includes securing builders permits, scheduling inspections, and ordering building materials. They schedule and supervise all trades required to be on your project – electricians, plumbers, tile installers, HVAC technicians, drywallers – to name a few.

Not every contractor uses the same steps to complete a project. But when licensed, a contractor carefully plans out the whole process before starting the work keeping in mind federal, state, and local ordinances. Keeping open communication with you, the homeowner, is a top priority.  A contractor will also make sure there is a legal signed contract between the two of you to ensure all commitments are met and adhered to as a protection for both the homeowner and remodeler.


Hiring a licensed general contractor, may cost a bit more, but it is a long term investment that will save you time, worry, and trouble.  GMH will be with you every step of the way until your project is complete and you are more than satisfied.

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