Move or Remodel? Key Factors for Empty Nesters and Retirees to Consider

As the family grows up and out, you may find that space or rooms in the house are no longer needed or do not meet the needs of your changing lifestyle.

Aging-in-place shower features – low curb, walk-in, grab bars, bench, non-slip floor, and hand shower

Perhaps you want to take advantage of the built-up equity in the home. For an empty nester, now may be the perfect time to resettle before undertaking a downsizing becomes too overwhelming. Moving into a smaller home or condo where you could spend the next 20-30 years comfortably may be an ideal solution.

For those who are not ready to move, a home remodel to redefine the space for your new lifestyle and interests can be an exciting event. Give your home a new breath of life with an expanded kitchen for entertaining, a recreation space or theater in the basement, or reallocate space to make a larger master suite with spa-like bathroom.

Perhaps you’ve already found a home that is perfect size for you after retirement. In that case, remodeling to make the kitchen and bathroom more accessible as you age will be an invaluable investment. Easy to access walk-in showers, accessible lower cabinets with drawers, and plenty of space to move between elements are key features for aging-in-place. Improving safety, accessibility, and ease of use will allow you to maintain independence and healthy living.

If you love where you live… talk to a remodeling contractor today to see if a fresh design and renovation can make your home fit your new lifestyle and needs!

Move or Remodel? Key Factors for Young Couples and Families to Consider

You love your home and location but feel it’s not meeting your needs for space and livability. When faced with the decision to move or remodel there are several factors to consider.

If you are already living in an ideal location, what is the likelihood you can find a more suitable home layout in the same area? Does the thought of house hunting and moving all your belongings to settle in a new place stress you out? Is your property able to handle an expansion in size? Or will an adjustment to walls and room layout satisfy your needs? What does your budget look like for either investment option?

Growing families likely require a growing space. For those living in a condo or small home, moving to a home with a larger square footage and potential for expansion is going to be your best option. Before buying a new home, planning is still required to understand future needs and ensure you settle in a home that will suffice for years to come.

Kitchen – Before

If you already live in a home with growth potential, there are a few other factors to consider before undertaking a home remodel or building an addition. First, research values of other homes in the area. Consider whether you can recoup a portion of the cost and avoid over-pricing your home in the local market.

Larger home remodeling projects are best considered as long-term investment and better suited to families who plan to stay in the home for several years. A home that is sold shortly after a large remodel will see a significantly lower ROI (50-70% according to compared to when homeowners can personally use the updates for a number of years afterwards.


Kitchen Expansion – After

Other needs such as improving traffic flow in the house, shifting room sizes, or updating key elements make a remodel a perfect option. Although you may have to live in a construction zone for a few weeks, this far outweighs the time and energy that would be spent in moving to a new home.

If you love where you live… talk to a remodeling contractor today to see if a fresh design and renovation can make your home fit your new lifestyle and needs!

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and Trends

Updating your kitchen tile backsplash is an easy and affordable way to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Tile backsplash benefits include the more practical side of protecting your walls from food splatter and making clean up easier, to the creative aspects of adding a fantastic visual accent.

Glass Subway Tile

The final selection depends on your cabinet design, countertop finish, and personal tastes. Tile backsplash is available in a variety of colors, sizes, textures, and finishes making it highly customizable. Designs range from a simple, clean subway tile to a more eye-catching mosaic with stone and metal elements. Glass and ceramic tile are the most affordable options and come in a variety of colors and designs. Depending on budget, mosaics, granite, marble, and metal selections are also very popular. White and neutral tones lead the way in popularity, but don’t hesitate to add a pop of color to highlight details and your personality.

Glass and Marble Hex

Don’t limit yourself to browsing the big box stores for selections. There are a number of local tile suppliers with onsite designers who can help you make an educated choice and find the look that best suits you and your home.

Whatever your final choice may be, it should reflect your personality and taste.  Contact us today to talk about incorporating these design features into your complete kitchen remodel!

How to Add Value to Your Home

Your home is likely one of your most valuable investments. Home renovations and updates can do wonders for the livability and enjoyment of your family now, and an increased value for the long term and resale.

Simpler updates such as new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, or improving energy efficiency will increase the value without causing too much of a dent in your pocketbook.

But if you’re looking for a larger value increase and still want to take advantage of the changes yourself, then a more extensive remodel may be the ticket for you. USA Today ranked kitchen and bath remodels in the Top 5 renovations to bring you the most bang for your buck. The aesthetics, functionality, and modern features when remodeling these rooms are highly sought after by buyers and owners.

Wauwatosa Kitchen

Delafield Powder Room









Incorporating some of the advances in design and technology in a kitchen will make this room a focal point in the home and a favorite spot for the family to gather.

While turning your bathroom into a quiet haven or retreat is always a big hit.

Remodeling your home can be an exciting endeavor if you’ve hired the right team to take on the project. You can count on GMH Construction for expert advice and outstanding design services that will give you the highest return on investment possible. Review our project photos for examples of our work, testimonials from customers, and then give us a call to discuss how we can help you get the most value out of your home!