Can I Make Adjustments to My Floor Plan?

kitchen remodel

We are currently living in a seller’s real estate market. Home prices are climbing ever higher and are selling within hours of being put on the market. These challenges often cause an ideal home to slip through your fingers.  With these ever-present realities, many current homeowners are looking into building additions (up or out) or changing the floor plan of their current home to make it more suitable for their needs (tear down this wall, shift that wall, remodel and expand the kitchen, finish the basement, etc.)

What needs to be considered when adjusting your floor plan?

Interior walls often have multiple purposes. Some walls are structural or load bearing, others are used to house water and drain lines or large HVAC vents and runs. Most contractors do not have X-Ray vision to see through your walls to find these hidden features, but the more experienced ones will be able to investigate in the attic or basement to find these issues before a home remodeling and design project starts. Infrared devices or scoping equipment are also on the market to see the finer details. Knowing the secrets in your walls will ultimately affect the final design.

Flush ceiling, open entry

Relocated Mechanicals for Flush Ceiling

Hidden Mechanicals

Hidden Mechanicals Discovered at Demo








Why work with a designer or architect?

Three words: vision, talent, and expertise. A good designer or architect is knowledgeable in the basics of building construction. He or she can think creatively to picture the space in a way you may not have considered. They can draw on current elements in your home and surrounding and open your eyes to what is possible while being honest about what will not work. A designer can also smooth the process of selecting specific design elements and give you the confidence that the final plans will fit your every need and wish.

Midnight Blue Island – After

Midnight Blue Island – Before