We Are Flexible

We are very flexible, and will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Having said that, we’ve developed a standardized three-step process for getting your project started – see below for details. The final step of the standard process results in a Construction Contract that includes a schedule, fixed price, and a defined scope of work.

Building your new project is an exciting and important endeavor, and GMH Construction wants the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That is why we provide each of our clients with access to a secure website with all of the details of their project.

Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, GMH Construction puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more. Download our Online Access Brochure  to see examples of how this online tool helps you stay in touch and well-informed during your project. You can also learn more in the following video:

How To Get Started

Remodeling is a complicated and potentially frustrating process. At GMH Construction we use a three-step approach to help homeowners understand their options, improve the accuracy of project cost prior to the construction contract, and ultimately, maximize the return on the investment for the homeowner.

Step 1: Consultation and Initial Estimate:

Meeting to discuss your project at your home, allows us to identify the scope of the job and discuss budgets. Typically, at the end of the first meeting, we will schedule a second, follow-up appointment, so that we can meet with you in one to two weeks to present estimates for your project, and, if needed, a design agreement. If you would like to move forward to obtain detailed pricing and/or design services, then we are happy to perform those services.

Step 2: The Design Process:

The Design Agreement allows us to design intelligently and accurately estimate the project cost. The cost of the design process varies depending on the scope of the project. However this important work has great value: accurate budgets, excellent design, maximum return-on-investment, better planning by the contractor and better decision making by the homeowner. The well-built home is less expensive to live in, maintain, heat and cool.

Once we have a design agreement, we conduct a thorough assessment of your home to determine what challenges and opportunities exist, such as the need for updating mechanical systems; improving energy-efficiency and indoor air quality, or zoning limitations.

We partner with some of the best design professionals in the area. Depending on the scope of your project, we will bring in the designer whom we think is best-suited to design and collaborate with you on your project. With design refinements, selections, and further assessment taking place, we work to finalize the budgets and to create a detailed Construction Contract.

Step 3: Construction Contract:

Signing the Construction Contract is the final step which includes, scheduling a start date for your project. We pride ourselves on creating accurate contracts, realistic schedules and good quality control to assure an outstanding end result. For most projects, we have a fixed price contract, which outlines the scope of work to be completed, and the cost to complete the job. We have a clear Change Order procedure which allows us to determine the cost of changes and additions to the project, so that you can approve of these changes prior to initiating any changes in the project.

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