Beautiful Bathroom Vanities

Kitchens may be the heart of the home but bathrooms are the muscle. Where else can you do your makeup and cleanup the kids after playing in the mud? When designing your new bathroom, a vanity is essential.  A vanity can add style to your design and create a functional place for storage. From simple to modern, white to wood, there are thousands of options to chose from.

Double Sink

In most bathrooms, a double vanity is a great choice.  It’s a sure way to impress and as a added benefit, it will add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.  A double sink is a very attractive choice to couples and large families since there is no need to fight over one sink during the busy rush of getting ready in the morning.


The color grey is a very popular choice for any project and bathroom vanities are no expectation. Grey looks great in traditional, modern or rustic bathrooms. Grey is also timeless. It goes great with a multitude of colors, whether you prefer a bright room or one with darker tones. 

Granite Top

A granite top is a beautiful addition to a bathroom. Even though they cost more then laminate, they stand the test of time. They are heat, stain and scratch resistant and come in many color options. Undermount sinks are common in granite tops. This is a great benefit as this allows dirt to be wiped directly into the sink without it being caught around the lip of a mounted sink.

Open Shelf

An open shelf vanity can open up space in your bathroom helping it feel bigger, which is great for small bathrooms. With an open shelf you can place a basket or two for storage and a set of towels, just like you might see in a spa.