It can be a daunting task to remodel your home. What if my selections don’t match? How do I find a contractor who will treat me fairly and honestly? Can I do this project on a limited budget? Below are five tips to help you navigate these questions and feel more confident in your final decisions.

Start idea boards – Whether a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or finished basement, starting with idea boards on Pinterest, Houzz or other similar sites can help you narrow down what you like and don’t like. After finding the right contractor, their Interior Designer can then guide you the rest of the way with your final selections to get the exact look and feel you want.

tips for first time remodelersResearch general contractors – There are plenty of horror stories about contractors who don’t show up on the job or do shotty work because they were underqualified. But for every bad story, there are dozens of positive experiences.
Just do your homework. Start with a national or local associations who back their members and require strict adherence to a code of ethics. Then look for online reviews – Google, Facebook, Houzz, or similar sites will not just have star ratings, but will often have written reviews from prior customers outlining exactly what went well on their project. If those reviews check your boxes, then interview a few of the contractors.
GMH Construction is happy to have a discussion with you about your renovation project either by phone or an in-person consultation. Take your time picking the right company, because the remodeling process is a long-term relationship requiring trust and open communication.


Demolition, uncovering the unexpected

Understand actual costs and timing – Often times DIY or remodeling TV shows today give unrealistic expectations on costs and timing of a remodel. During your interviews with contractors ask for budgetary amounts and project timelines. Although your final decision should not be based solely on price, that may be an important factor to narrow down those contractors who are overpriced or underpriced.

Be prepared for the unexpected – General contractors are smart people who can typically point out where trouble spots might be in a home remodel and cover those costs in their early renovation proposal. However, they are not superhuman and cannot see through walls to identify possible hidden issues. Be prepared for around 10% overage due to change orders early in the remodel process. Even though these are rare, it is better to be safe than sorry and can help soften the blow if you are aware they may occur. Trust me, your contractor is just as unhappy to tell you about them as you may be to hear them – but it is the reality of the situation.

Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again

Completed Kitchen Remodel

The beauty after the beast (of a remodel)!

Once the project is done, you will likely forget about the long journey it took to get there and you can finally take the time to bask in your new space!

Have a dinner party in your newly renovated open kitchen!

Post pics of your trendy, spa-like master bathroom!

It’s yours, you worked hard to get here – ENJOY!



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dog washing station

Pet Wash System

dog washing stationThese stations are often incorporated in lower-level bathrooms, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. These specialty washing stations are set up at the perfect height for bathing your pets. A perfect wash system will have hand showers and washing features at an ideal level to reduce overspray and dirt.


Outdoor Ramp for Aging Dogs

Simple, skid proof, portable ramps for your aging pet can be useful in many ways. It can help ease the strain of getting into a car or climbing up the steps onto the back stoop.

Feeding Stations

Like people, pets can sometimes make a mess when they are eating or drinking. Having a discreet area for bowls will help keep the spills off the floor and out of site. Feeding stations can be incorporated into kitchen remodels or existing kitchen cabinets. A great place to locate one may be inside exposed cabinet ends, or in low-set pull out drawers.

Automatic/Robot Vacuum

A furry friend can leave behind, well, lots of fur. An automatic vacuum that runs for an hour everyday while you’re out of the house can be a time saver, leaving more time for you to play with your little buddy.


Pet Camera

Pet CameraEver curious about what happens while you’re away? Does your house look like something from a cartoon movie with your critters throwing a party or cooking fine French cuisine? Probably nothing so exciting, but small cameras with speakers can be purchased online for about $40. These connect through Wi-Fi and a phone app to keep an eye on your dear pet. Specialty cameras can also dispense little treats on command or allow you to speak with your pet too!


Durable Flooring

Tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate are the most reliable types of flooring for active pet owners. The advances in the flooring industry have introduced durable flooring materials with a natural look. For example, luxury vinyl planks with a wood look and texture to protect your flooring in your newly remodeled kitchen or home.


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kitchen remodel southeast wi

Are you planning for a kitchen remodel? If so, more than just individual taste and style needs to be considered. Additional aspects to keep in mind are the current style throughout the home, the house’s architecture, and the placement of the kitchen in the home. Of course, your personal tastes will weigh heavily in the final decision but incorporating structural elements of design are vital for a finished project to flow with the entire house and not stand out like a dimensional oddity.


The Traditional interior design style for a kitchen is the most popular and enduring style through the ages, especially in the suburbs of the Midwest. These kitchen designs bring together classic details, lux finishes, and ornate embellishments with comfort and warmth. Transitional kitchens work well in Colonial, Traditional, or Victorian style homes.

Traditional 1

Large Double Island Traditional Kitchen

Traditional 3

Traditional Cooktop Island







Traditional 2

Traditional Coffee Bar & Buffet

Traditional style features:

  • Raised panel cabinets
  • Furniture grade cabinet adornments
  • Corbels, decorative island legs, appliance panels, custom range hood surrounds
  • Marble or quartz countertops and backsplashes
  • Warm color tones
  • Ceiling height cabinets with glass door panels



Transitional 2

Transitional Kitchen Blend

Another very popular style for kitchen remodels is one that blends both traditional and contemporary elements into a perfect balance. Transitional designs lean towards subtle and neutral colors, and an open airy vibe. When colors are incorporated, they are darker, warmer tones used as a standout feature. The versatility of this style is easy to blend into almost existing interior design. Transitional kitchens work well in Ranch, Bungalow, and Contemporary style homes.

Transitional 1

Cool Neutral Transitional

Transitional style features:

  • Shaker/Paneled cabinets
  • Apron front sinks
  • Waterfall or uniquely shaped island tops
  • Subway tile
  • Combined style elements (warm/cool, trendy/classic)
  • Dual color schemes

Modern Farmhouse

Anytime you turn on HGTV you can’t help but stumble into a kitchen remodel with a Modern Farmhouse style.  This design blends modern features of clean and simple lines with our ideal vision of a cozy, welcoming farmhouse kitchen. Modern Farmhouse kitchens work well in Colonial, Ranch, and Farmhouse style homes.

Traditional 2

Farmhouse Modern

Modern Farmhouse style features:

  • White-tone Shaker cabinets
  • Clean lines
  • Basic color schemes
  • Homey touches
  • Stained hardwood floors in warm finishes
  • Subway tile backsplash



Are you the kind of person who loves to have the latest and greatest technology and gadgets? Then perhaps your interior design style will lean more towards the contemporary. This design may be the most difficult to incorporate into the architecture of a Midwest suburban single-family home or condo. But if you’re moving into a downtown condo or loft, the trending style elements of sleek, new materials tied in with modern technology may be the right one for you. Contemporary kitchens work well in Industrial, Modern, and Contemporary style residences.

Contemporary 1

Contemporary Kitchen Prep Areas

Traditional 2

Contemporary Entertaining Island








Contemporary style features:

  • Flat panel cabinetry
  • Simplistic layout with only one or two eye-catching features
  • Innovative island design
  • Striking lighting elements
  • Creative backsplashes
  • Smart-home or smart-appliance connectivity

Call or message us today to speak with our Lead Designer Mandy if you are ready to get started on the perfect kitchen design and interior design for you, your home, and your budget. She would be happy to speak with you and set up a free consultation. (262) 696-8131 or

Freestanding tub

Master bathrooms have become a retreat for pampering and relaxation. Even if you’re on a budget, these three features can be included in your remodel to transform your bathroom into a private spa.

Double Vanity Sinks – Fighting for sink or vanity space in the morning is never a good way to start the day. A vanity cabinet of at least 60” will allow for two sinks and separate storage – giving both you and your partner plenty of elbow space to primp and prep in the morning.

bathroom remodel

Double Vanity Sinks

Double Vanity-L-Shaped w/Bench








Freestanding Tub – Older master bathrooms often host a bulky corner whirlpool tub, and most homeowners never used these tubs. Additionally, their oversized shape means there is only a small space leftover for a shower. Today many are opting for a freestanding tub, which takes up less space and provides a stylish design feature. Freestanding tubs can be heated, bubble message, whirlpool, or just soakers. The smaller footprint of these tubs then leaves for more space for a walk-in shower.

Cozy space with Freestanding tub

Large Walk-In Shower – When remodeling a master bathroom, large, well-lit walk-in showers are a feature that appeal to many who are looking for a soothing sanctuary. Multiple shower heads, rain shower head, and body sprays are luxury add-ons that are well worth the expense for those who like to ease the day’s stress under a steaming spray. Clear glass panels and walls open the shower to more natural light and make the space feel even larger.

If your budget and space allow for it, some other features to consider in your master bathroom remodel are extra storage with a linen cabinet or closet, proper lighting with dimmers and recessed lights, decorative tile or mosaic elements, heated floors, or a heated towel rack.

Call our designers today to discuss how we can help you design your perfect master bathroom retreat. (262) 696-8131

new mudroom

As we move from summer into fall and winter many of us are changing out our wardrobe and decorations. Now is also a good time to declutter, clear out, and organize our closets, pantries, and storage. Even if you haven’t had a recent bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, your home can still have a new, fresh feeling after taking some time to declutter and organize.

Mudroom – Mudrooms and lockers tend to become the catch-all for shoes, coats, and sports gear. Now is a good time to clear out the old and make room for hats, scarves, gloves, and heavier jackets. Using baskets or plastic bins inside of cubbies and cabinets can be helpful in keeping smaller wardrobe items in their space and not just floating around.

Mudroom Lockers with Upper Storage Baskets

Pantry – Are you ready to stock up on the pumpkin spice, cinnamon sticks, and cardamom for the cooler weather? Look through the items in your pantry and clean out long-opened packages or food items past their expiration dates. Small, clear, airtight containers are great for organizing food stuffs and making them easy to find when needed. Clean and declutter small appliances by giving them a wipe down to prevent dust and gunk build-up. Wipe off the shelves, re-stock your things and get ready to cook or bake your favorite comfort foods!

Pantry with Small Appliance Storage and Labeled Clear Containers

Cabinet Organizers – Ease of use and accessibility are key to efficiency and enjoyment in the kitchen. Think beyond just a spice rack to full depth pull out shelving, drawer organizers for plates and bowls, and baking sheet slots.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Bedroom closets can quickly go from chaos to pristine with a drawer and shelving organization system. When organizing your belongings, start with a good purge. Get rid of unused, or damaged items. (Ah, doesn’t that feel better already?) Then use shelving and dividers to define the purpose or style of each piece of clothing.

Closet Organization System

If you are contemplating a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom remodel or addition in the future, keep in mind how you can incorporate organizational systems in those rooms. There are whole industries built on doing just that! Our designers would love to talk to you about how to add fun, stylish, and practical features to your home renovation design.  Call us to talk about your design and decluttering needs! (262) 696-8131 or

interior designer

Whether you’re looking to build a home addition, finish your basement, or remodel your living room, kitchen, bathroom, an Interior Designer can be a real asset to your project. A designer can help you make the hard decisions and even introduce you to styles and concepts that you may not have thought of on your own. Still not sure? This post discusses the many benefits you’ll enjoy when working with a professional Designer. But first – What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design?

Collaborating with an Interior Designer

In short, interior design is the art and science of understanding a client’s personality and lifestyle and using that information to plan functional spaces within their home. A designer will spend one-on-one time with a client determining their needs and style, consider the existing structure and features of the home, and develop solutions to create aesthetically pleasing rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer?

The skills of an experienced designer can save you time and money and help you to complete your project with a level of precision that is difficult to do on your own. From kitchen and bath design to basement finishes and additions, interior designers draw on current elements in and around your home and open your eyes to what is possible while being honest about what will not work.

An interior designer can ease your stress. They will take your ideas and craft a space that will make your vision a reality. Their trained eye can ease the worry of indecision and the stress of wondering if selections will look good together. And their professional experience will alleviate the concern over style and materials standing the test of time and years of use.  They often create Design Portfolios to keep your selections in one easy document so you can see your vision as it comes to life.

Kitchen Interior Design

An interior designer offers both time and money savings benefits. They do the leg work for you, tracking down materials, colors, and products to fit your envisioned space. They also anticipate obstacles and work to find a solution before you even know they exist. Utilizing a designer’s experience is a smart financial investment too. They can find styles and suggest products that will fit into your budget without skimping on the wow factor.

After the final design is decided and selections are made, the designer will streamline the communication with your General Contractor. A great designer knows how to speak the lingo when it comes to communicating with architects and contractors. Things you might not even consider, such as vent and outlet placement, really make a difference in the room. Addressing these types of needs before construction begins saves times, avoids hassles, and eliminates extra charges in the future.

Bathroom Interior Design

Our designers look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Give us a call today at 262-696-8131 or use the contact form to the right to schedule your initial complimentary consultation. Please visit our “Remodeling Process” page to learn how Interior Design services fit into GMH Construction’s overall process.

kitchen design & remodel

Are you overwhelmed with too many countertop choices and not sure which is best for you? Countertops are available in a variety of materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. The most common choices being granite, quartz, laminate, and butcherblock.  Each option has positive and negative features regarding strength, durability, cost, and maintenance. Of course, another key factor is the look and style in your finished room.

  • Granite – Granite is one of the long-time leaders and products favored by interior designers for countertop material in mid- to high-level remodels. It is highly heat resistant, strong, durable, and nearly maintenance free. Because granite is a natural material, each slab is 100% unique. Some may look similar, but none will be identical to what you have installed in your home. On the other hand, granite may not be budget friendly, and maintenance will require resealing every 5-10 years. Granite also requires professional fabrication and installation, so it is not a good choice for a DIYer. You should also be on the lookout for cracks or small imperfections in the color and texture.


Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Magma Gold Granite








  • Quartz or Quartzite – Topping the leader board with granite is quartz or quartzite – an engineered stone made of 90-94% quartz particles combined with pigments and resin. This produces a granite-hard material that is resistant to heat and staining, making it a great option for kitchen remodels. Unlike granite, it does not require a sealant. Quartz is also available in hundreds, if not thousands, of color variations and designs. Similar to granite, this material is on the high end of the cost spectrum and will also require professional installation.

Taj Mahal Quartzite

Colonial Cream Quartz Island & Suede Brown Granite Perimeter









  • Butcherblock or Wood – Wood tones are a fantastic choice to warm up any space. Butcherblock tops can give a rustic or charming look to any kitchen remodel. Maple, oak, and walnut are all very hard woods that can be suitable for certain sections of kitchen countertop or snack ledge tops. When regularly maintained with oiling and sealing, they can have an exceptionally long lifespan. Wood tops can even be re-sanded and refinished if it becomes too marked up. A positive aspect is that these tops are not as expensive as quartz or granite. However, it can be easily damaged with cut-marks, water and stains, or bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained.


Solid Walnut Island

Butcherblock Snack Ledge








  • Laminate – One of the easiest products to install, laminate is a countertop that can be found in many designs and color choices. It is one of the least expensive products and can be installed by an ambitious homeowner or a professional installer. This material is very easy to clean and maintain but will not be as durable as a stone product making it more susceptible to heat and scratching. Laminate may be a good choice for shelving in a butler’s pantry or laundry room as a cost savings and where visibility and style are not as vital as the main kitchen space, which may have granite or quartz.


Laminate Butler’s Pantry Countertop


Making your final selections can seem overwhelming with all the choices available. Working with an interior designer and residential remodeling contractor on your kitchen or bathroom renovation can take the burden off your shoulders. A remodeling professional will help you breeze through the selection and construction of your new kitchen or bathroom. Call us today for a design consultation (262) 696-8131.

kitchen remodel

We are currently living in a seller’s real estate market. Home prices are climbing ever higher and are selling within hours of being put on the market. These challenges often cause an ideal home to slip through your fingers.  With these ever-present realities, many current homeowners are looking into building additions (up or out) or changing the floor plan of their current home to make it more suitable for their needs (tear down this wall, shift that wall, remodel and expand the kitchen, finish the basement, etc.)

What needs to be considered when adjusting your floor plan?

Interior walls often have multiple purposes. Some walls are structural or load bearing, others are used to house water and drain lines or large HVAC vents and runs. Most contractors do not have X-Ray vision to see through your walls to find these hidden features, but the more experienced ones will be able to investigate in the attic or basement to find these issues before a home remodeling and design project starts. Infrared devices or scoping equipment are also on the market to see the finer details. Knowing the secrets in your walls will ultimately affect the final design.

Flush ceiling, open entry

Relocated Mechanicals for Flush Ceiling

Hidden Mechanicals

Hidden Mechanicals Discovered at Demo








Why work with a designer or architect?

Three words: vision, talent, and expertise. A good designer or architect is knowledgeable in the basics of building construction. He or she can think creatively to picture the space in a way you may not have considered. They can draw on current elements in your home and surrounding and open your eyes to what is possible while being honest about what will not work. A designer can also smooth the process of selecting specific design elements and give you the confidence that the final plans will fit your every need and wish.

Midnight Blue Island – After

Midnight Blue Island – Before

new home addition

Are the budding trees and changing seasons giving you the urge revamp your interior? A home remodel is a great way to update the main features of your home such as cabinets, flooring, countertops, and plumbing fixtures. But if you are on a budget or just looking for a simple way to freshen up the look of a room, interior decorating is the more affordable fix you need. These five stores are great places to browse for inspiration or the new vibe you didn’t know you need for your home makeover.

Box Store/Hardware Store

Colorful Wall Decorations and Pillows

These stores can give you a one-stop-shop for paint samples, window treatments, and light fixtures. Sometimes a nice, green houseplant adds just the right touch of natural beauty to a room.

Home Furnishings

Accent items such as pictures, decorations, plants, framed mirrors, pots, and sculptures can enhance the décor and give your living space character.

Flooring Store

Dark Grey Stone Mosaic Tile Floor

Dark Grey Stone Mosaic Tile Floor

Many have a great selection of rugs, carpeting, engineered hardwood, or tile for the DIYers. Look for products that add texture, tone, and warmth to your room.

Furniture Store

Large or small, furniture stores typically have fully set up displays with furniture, flooring, and furnishings. Besides larger pieces like beds or sofas, these stores often sell small tables, chests, lamps, and chairs to complete your home remodel vision.

Framed Mirrors and Plant w/Vase

Framed Mirrors and Plant w/Vase

Lighting Store

Lighting stores can really bring the WOW with statement pieces in warm and cool designs. Sconces, chandeliers, wall mounted lights, accent lighting, and lamps will set the mood in a room with the flick of a switch.

For those who are designing on a budget, many of these stores have discount or clearance sections with treasures that can round out your design or put the icing on the cake of your kitchen renovation or bath remodel.

Visit GMH Construction, Inc.’s bathroom remodel images and kitchen remodel portfolio to get ideas from a professional home remodeler for your next home renovation.


basement remodel
Gathering Space with Wet Bar

Gathering Space with Wet Bar

Living-in-place is an increasing trend. With fewer available events and extracurricular activities, families are spending more time together at home. Looking for a new retreat in your house? A fun place to hang out with family and friends? Or just somewhere to give the kids more room to play? Many people overlook a basement remodel when they plan to add space to their home.

Yet, with the right remodeling contractor, your unfinished lower level has the potential to be whatever you need.

What are the Advantages?

When you close your eyes, what “dream room” do you imagine your basement becoming? An entertainment room with rustic wood bar; a flashy, fun game room; a multi-screen man-cave with a beer fridge; a comfy, large-screen theatre room; an eclectic, uber-organized craft room; a spacious guest suite with full bathroom for the in-laws; or a cozy personal hide-away with a fireplace?

Comfy Rec Room

Comfy Rec Room

Lower Level Bedroom

Chic Extra Bedroom







Bathroom Retreat

Bathroom Retreat

When planning how to finish your basement space, upfront cost and long-term investment value need to be part of the consideration. Keep in mind that, not only can you take advantage of the space while you live there but, on average, a homeowner can recoup between 60%-70% of the cost.

For example, a 1000 square foot finished basement with bath and bar might cost you $85,000 or more, but it could add $55,000 of value onto your home and bring additional resale appeal.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

To make your basement a safe place to hang out with the family, it needs to be dry, clean, and up to local building code standards. Always work with a basement remodeling specialist who is licensed in your state and will obtain the proper permits.

Bedroom with Egress Window

Bedroom with Egress Window

The first step is to waterproof and repair any foundation issues. That will prevent your beautiful new rooms from experiencing unwanted water damage. Depending on how you plan to use your space, an egress window may be required for a second exit point and the additional natural light that it will provide to a room. Proper insulation on the walls and in the ceiling will help with any noise dampening and HVAC ducting will keep your entertainment areas warm and comfortable.

When all the planning and construction is complete, you’ll be ready to gather your closest friends and family for a party! It’s gratifying for everyone to see a beautifully finished basement filled with people enjoying themselves, especially if one reason for the renovation was to entertain!

Built In Entertainment Center

Bathroom w/Walk-In Shower