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Five Tips for First Time Remodelers

It can be a daunting task to remodel your home. What if my selections don’t match? How do I find a contractor who will treat me fairly and honestly? Can I do this project on a limited budget? Below are five tips to help you navigate these questions and feel more confident in your final […]

Top 6 Home Features for Your Fur Family

Pet Wash System These stations are often incorporated in lower-level bathrooms, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. These specialty washing stations are set up at the perfect height for bathing your pets. A perfect wash system will have hand showers and washing features at an ideal level to reduce overspray and dirt.   Outdoor Ramp for Aging […]

4 Popular Kitchen Remodel Styles for Your Home

Are you planning for a kitchen remodel? If so, more than just individual taste and style needs to be considered. Additional aspects to keep in mind are the current style throughout the home, the house’s architecture, and the placement of the kitchen in the home. Of course, your personal tastes will weigh heavily in the […]

Three Things to Include in Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Master bathrooms have become a retreat for pampering and relaxation. Even if you’re on a budget, these three features can be included in your remodel to transform your bathroom into a private spa. Double Vanity Sinks – Fighting for sink or vanity space in the morning is never a good way to start the day. […]

Tips for Decluttering Your Home

As we move from summer into fall and winter many of us are changing out our wardrobe and decorations. Now is also a good time to declutter, clear out, and organize our closets, pantries, and storage. Even if you haven’t had a recent bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, your home can still have a new, […]

Why You Should Work with an Interior Designer

Whether you’re looking to build a home addition, finish your basement, or remodel your living room, kitchen, bathroom, an Interior Designer can be a real asset to your project. A designer can help you make the hard decisions and even introduce you to styles and concepts that you may not have thought of on your […]

Countertop Material for your Kitchen Remodel or Bath Remodel

Are you overwhelmed with too many countertop choices and not sure which is best for you? Countertops are available in a variety of materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. The most common choices being granite, quartz, laminate, and butcherblock.  Each option has positive and negative features regarding strength, durability, cost, and maintenance. Of course, […]

Can I Make Adjustments to My Floor Plan?

We are currently living in a seller’s real estate market. Home prices are climbing ever higher and are selling within hours of being put on the market. These challenges often cause an ideal home to slip through your fingers.  With these ever-present realities, many current homeowners are looking into building additions (up or out) or […]

Five Stores You Need to Visit When Decorating Your Home

Are the budding trees and changing seasons giving you the urge revamp your interior? A home remodel is a great way to update the main features of your home such as cabinets, flooring, countertops, and plumbing fixtures. But if you are on a budget or just looking for a simple way to freshen up the […]

What to Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

Living-in-place is an increasing trend. With fewer available events and extracurricular activities, families are spending more time together at home. Looking for a new retreat in your house? A fun place to hang out with family and friends? Or just somewhere to give the kids more room to play? Many people overlook a basement remodel […]