Tips for Decluttering Your Home

new mudroom

As we move from summer into fall and winter many of us are changing out our wardrobe and decorations. Now is also a good time to declutter, clear out, and organize our closets, pantries, and storage. Even if you haven’t had a recent bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, your home can still have a new, fresh feeling after taking some time to declutter and organize.

Mudroom – Mudrooms and lockers tend to become the catch-all for shoes, coats, and sports gear. Now is a good time to clear out the old and make room for hats, scarves, gloves, and heavier jackets. Using baskets or plastic bins inside of cubbies and cabinets can be helpful in keeping smaller wardrobe items in their space and not just floating around.

Mudroom Lockers with Upper Storage Baskets

Pantry – Are you ready to stock up on the pumpkin spice, cinnamon sticks, and cardamom for the cooler weather? Look through the items in your pantry and clean out long-opened packages or food items past their expiration dates. Small, clear, airtight containers are great for organizing food stuffs and making them easy to find when needed. Clean and declutter small appliances by giving them a wipe down to prevent dust and gunk build-up. Wipe off the shelves, re-stock your things and get ready to cook or bake your favorite comfort foods!

Pantry with Small Appliance Storage and Labeled Clear Containers

Cabinet Organizers – Ease of use and accessibility are key to efficiency and enjoyment in the kitchen. Think beyond just a spice rack to full depth pull out shelving, drawer organizers for plates and bowls, and baking sheet slots.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Bedroom closets can quickly go from chaos to pristine with a drawer and shelving organization system. When organizing your belongings, start with a good purge. Get rid of unused, or damaged items. (Ah, doesn’t that feel better already?) Then use shelving and dividers to define the purpose or style of each piece of clothing.

Closet Organization System

If you are contemplating a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom remodel or addition in the future, keep in mind how you can incorporate organizational systems in those rooms. There are whole industries built on doing just that! Our designers would love to talk to you about how to add fun, stylish, and practical features to your home renovation design.  Call us to talk about your design and decluttering needs! (262) 696-8131 or