Why You Should Work with an Interior Designer

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Whether you’re looking to build a home addition, finish your basement, or remodel your living room, kitchen, bathroom, an Interior Designer can be a real asset to your project. A designer can help you make the hard decisions and even introduce you to styles and concepts that you may not have thought of on your own. Still not sure? This post discusses the many benefits you’ll enjoy when working with a professional Designer. But first – What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design?

Collaborating with an Interior Designer

In short, interior design is the art and science of understanding a client’s personality and lifestyle and using that information to plan functional spaces within their home. A designer will spend one-on-one time with a client determining their needs and style, consider the existing structure and features of the home, and develop solutions to create aesthetically pleasing rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer?

The skills of an experienced designer can save you time and money and help you to complete your project with a level of precision that is difficult to do on your own. From kitchen and bath design to basement finishes and additions, interior designers draw on current elements in and around your home and open your eyes to what is possible while being honest about what will not work.

An interior designer can ease your stress. They will take your ideas and craft a space that will make your vision a reality. Their trained eye can ease the worry of indecision and the stress of wondering if selections will look good together. And their professional experience will alleviate the concern over style and materials standing the test of time and years of use.  They often create Design Portfolios to keep your selections in one easy document so you can see your vision as it comes to life.

Kitchen Interior Design

An interior designer offers both time and money savings benefits. They do the leg work for you, tracking down materials, colors, and products to fit your envisioned space. They also anticipate obstacles and work to find a solution before you even know they exist. Utilizing a designer’s experience is a smart financial investment too. They can find styles and suggest products that will fit into your budget without skimping on the wow factor.

After the final design is decided and selections are made, the designer will streamline the communication with your General Contractor. A great designer knows how to speak the lingo when it comes to communicating with architects and contractors. Things you might not even consider, such as vent and outlet placement, really make a difference in the room. Addressing these types of needs before construction begins saves times, avoids hassles, and eliminates extra charges in the future.

Bathroom Interior Design

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