Top 6 Home Features for Your Fur Family

dog washing station

Pet Wash System

dog washing stationThese stations are often incorporated in lower-level bathrooms, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. These specialty washing stations are set up at the perfect height for bathing your pets. A perfect wash system will have hand showers and washing features at an ideal level to reduce overspray and dirt.


Outdoor Ramp for Aging Dogs

Simple, skid proof, portable ramps for your aging pet can be useful in many ways. It can help ease the strain of getting into a car or climbing up the steps onto the back stoop.

Feeding Stations

Like people, pets can sometimes make a mess when they are eating or drinking. Having a discreet area for bowls will help keep the spills off the floor and out of site. Feeding stations can be incorporated into kitchen remodels or existing kitchen cabinets. A great place to locate one may be inside exposed cabinet ends, or in low-set pull out drawers.

Automatic/Robot Vacuum

A furry friend can leave behind, well, lots of fur. An automatic vacuum that runs for an hour everyday while you’re out of the house can be a time saver, leaving more time for you to play with your little buddy.


Pet Camera

Pet CameraEver curious about what happens while you’re away? Does your house look like something from a cartoon movie with your critters throwing a party or cooking fine French cuisine? Probably nothing so exciting, but small cameras with speakers can be purchased online for about $40. These connect through Wi-Fi and a phone app to keep an eye on your dear pet. Specialty cameras can also dispense little treats on command or allow you to speak with your pet too!


Durable Flooring

Tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate are the most reliable types of flooring for active pet owners. The advances in the flooring industry have introduced durable flooring materials with a natural look. For example, luxury vinyl planks with a wood look and texture to protect your flooring in your newly remodeled kitchen or home.


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