4 Popular Kitchen Remodel Styles for Your Home

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Are you planning for a kitchen remodel? If so, more than just individual taste and style needs to be considered. Additional aspects to keep in mind are the current style throughout the home, the house’s architecture, and the placement of the kitchen in the home. Of course, your personal tastes will weigh heavily in the final decision but incorporating structural elements of design are vital for a finished project to flow with the entire house and not stand out like a dimensional oddity.


The Traditional interior design style for a kitchen is the most popular and enduring style through the ages, especially in the suburbs of the Midwest. These kitchen designs bring together classic details, lux finishes, and ornate embellishments with comfort and warmth. Transitional kitchens work well in Colonial, Traditional, or Victorian style homes.

Traditional 1

Large Double Island Traditional Kitchen

Traditional 3

Traditional Cooktop Island







Traditional 2

Traditional Coffee Bar & Buffet

Traditional style features:

  • Raised panel cabinets
  • Furniture grade cabinet adornments
  • Corbels, decorative island legs, appliance panels, custom range hood surrounds
  • Marble or quartz countertops and backsplashes
  • Warm color tones
  • Ceiling height cabinets with glass door panels



Transitional 2

Transitional Kitchen Blend

Another very popular style for kitchen remodels is one that blends both traditional and contemporary elements into a perfect balance. Transitional designs lean towards subtle and neutral colors, and an open airy vibe. When colors are incorporated, they are darker, warmer tones used as a standout feature. The versatility of this style is easy to blend into almost existing interior design. Transitional kitchens work well in Ranch, Bungalow, and Contemporary style homes.

Transitional 1

Cool Neutral Transitional

Transitional style features:

  • Shaker/Paneled cabinets
  • Apron front sinks
  • Waterfall or uniquely shaped island tops
  • Subway tile
  • Combined style elements (warm/cool, trendy/classic)
  • Dual color schemes

Modern Farmhouse

Anytime you turn on HGTV you can’t help but stumble into a kitchen remodel with a Modern Farmhouse style.  This design blends modern features of clean and simple lines with our ideal vision of a cozy, welcoming farmhouse kitchen. Modern Farmhouse kitchens work well in Colonial, Ranch, and Farmhouse style homes.

Traditional 2

Farmhouse Modern

Modern Farmhouse style features:

  • White-tone Shaker cabinets
  • Clean lines
  • Basic color schemes
  • Homey touches
  • Stained hardwood floors in warm finishes
  • Subway tile backsplash



Are you the kind of person who loves to have the latest and greatest technology and gadgets? Then perhaps your interior design style will lean more towards the contemporary. This design may be the most difficult to incorporate into the architecture of a Midwest suburban single-family home or condo. But if you’re moving into a downtown condo or loft, the trending style elements of sleek, new materials tied in with modern technology may be the right one for you. Contemporary kitchens work well in Industrial, Modern, and Contemporary style residences.

Contemporary 1

Contemporary Kitchen Prep Areas

Traditional 2

Contemporary Entertaining Island








Contemporary style features:

  • Flat panel cabinetry
  • Simplistic layout with only one or two eye-catching features
  • Innovative island design
  • Striking lighting elements
  • Creative backsplashes
  • Smart-home or smart-appliance connectivity

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