Countertop Material for your Kitchen Remodel or Bath Remodel

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Are you overwhelmed with too many countertop choices and not sure which is best for you? Countertops are available in a variety of materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. The most common choices being granite, quartz, laminate, and butcherblock.  Each option has positive and negative features regarding strength, durability, cost, and maintenance. Of course, another key factor is the look and style in your finished room.

  • Granite – Granite is one of the long-time leaders and products favored by interior designers for countertop material in mid- to high-level remodels. It is highly heat resistant, strong, durable, and nearly maintenance free. Because granite is a natural material, each slab is 100% unique. Some may look similar, but none will be identical to what you have installed in your home. On the other hand, granite may not be budget friendly, and maintenance will require resealing every 5-10 years. Granite also requires professional fabrication and installation, so it is not a good choice for a DIYer. You should also be on the lookout for cracks or small imperfections in the color and texture.


Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Magma Gold Granite








  • Quartz or Quartzite – Topping the leader board with granite is quartz or quartzite – an engineered stone made of 90-94% quartz particles combined with pigments and resin. This produces a granite-hard material that is resistant to heat and staining, making it a great option for kitchen remodels. Unlike granite, it does not require a sealant. Quartz is also available in hundreds, if not thousands, of color variations and designs. Similar to granite, this material is on the high end of the cost spectrum and will also require professional installation.

Taj Mahal Quartzite

Colonial Cream Quartz Island & Suede Brown Granite Perimeter









  • Butcherblock or Wood – Wood tones are a fantastic choice to warm up any space. Butcherblock tops can give a rustic or charming look to any kitchen remodel. Maple, oak, and walnut are all very hard woods that can be suitable for certain sections of kitchen countertop or snack ledge tops. When regularly maintained with oiling and sealing, they can have an exceptionally long lifespan. Wood tops can even be re-sanded and refinished if it becomes too marked up. A positive aspect is that these tops are not as expensive as quartz or granite. However, it can be easily damaged with cut-marks, water and stains, or bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained.


Solid Walnut Island

Butcherblock Snack Ledge








  • Laminate – One of the easiest products to install, laminate is a countertop that can be found in many designs and color choices. It is one of the least expensive products and can be installed by an ambitious homeowner or a professional installer. This material is very easy to clean and maintain but will not be as durable as a stone product making it more susceptible to heat and scratching. Laminate may be a good choice for shelving in a butler’s pantry or laundry room as a cost savings and where visibility and style are not as vital as the main kitchen space, which may have granite or quartz.


Laminate Butler’s Pantry Countertop


Making your final selections can seem overwhelming with all the choices available. Working with an interior designer and residential remodeling contractor on your kitchen or bathroom renovation can take the burden off your shoulders. A remodeling professional will help you breeze through the selection and construction of your new kitchen or bathroom. Call us today for a design consultation (262) 696-8131.